Episode 10: Karl

The Fellas welcome friend of the show and esteemed guest Karl onto the pod. They discuss cooking in quarantine, scotch, red wine, and the IRA.

Dark Waters Red Blend

The fellas review the Dark Waters red blend, a California red from the Trader Joe’s wine aisle. Along with discussing wine they talk gems, Waffle House, and people mixing wine and cola.

Episode 6: Santa Fe Pt. 2

The fellas round out their Santa Fe residency. In part 2 they try another fine New Mexican red wine from Trader Joe’s. We at BevMode would be remiss if we did not offer our deepest condolences to Joe’s family. May he rest in peace.

Episode 5: Santa Fe Pt. 1

The fellas start off their Santa Fe residency. They discuss adobo architecture. NM demographic, Trader Joe’s elusive natural wine aisle, and the beauty of New Mexican cuisine.

BevMode Episode 4

The fellas sip on the Trader Joe’s Exclusive Artan Reserve red blend from the limestone coast in Australia. Over a glass they discuss the recurring themes of class warfare in this years Oscar nominations, the mystery of oceanic wines, the post-sneaker world being embraced by Raf Simons’ FW20 collection, and what the fuck a mulberry is.

Follow their journey through the world of the Trader Joe’s wine aisle.

Episode 3

The fellas review the a Javier San Pedro Tempranillo 2016 while also talking about the Watchmen finale, holiday festivities, and what to look forward to in the new year.

Episode 2

Mandem discuss how to properly launder raw denim, grifters in the “tech” industry, and whether or not Trader Ming is problematic over some glasses of a TJ exclusive Chianti.

Episode 1

The brother boys review the 2017 Pure Bred Old Vine Zinfandel, while discussing WeWork, Californian attitudes, problematic Seattle restauranteurs, and other topics.

The luxury of boredom.

Last spring I had the opportunity to go to Joshua Tree and it was phenomenal. I highly recommend it. The desert is a welcome change of scenery, especially when coming from the puget sound.

I find my mind wandering back to that trip often. There was something incredibly serene about being in the middle of nowhere. I crave that feeling of having nothing to do except walk around and look at the rocks and trees.

Last year I graduated college and in the time since I have felt my freedom slip away. Before I would have a Summer as an open canvas to scheme up trips, parties, and other shenanigans. Sure, I had to work some shifts slinging polos and khakis at Nordstrom but it was easy to get time off.

Now that I have a “nine to five” which is actually more like a nice to 5:30 (because apparently the lunch break is unpaid) I feel restricted. The flexibility of being a student has been replaced with the burden of being an adult. It’s hard to even make time to dream.

I think back to Joshua Tree, when I was optimistic. I could lie in the sun and daydream of how my life would turn out. What I would do post graduation. Now I think about if I will have enough energy to go run errands after work. If I will be able to afford a gym membership and developing photos.

The world used to seem so open. I used to be bored. I used to draw, and write, and read. But lately I’ve just been exhausted.